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Left to Right: Dale, Leslie, Val, and Gavin

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"Tradition, Family, Passion"


How the Miller Angus Ranch came to be..

On January 22, 1936,  John A. Miller was brought into this world by Paul and Elizabeth Miller. John began school in 1941 and went on through the eighth grade. He then had to quit school and work full time on the farm with his brother Carl, due to their father's increasing heart condition. They did most of the farm work for a couple years until 1953 when their father passed away. The boys then took over.

A year later John bought his first two registered angus cows from Oak Coulee Ranch, and Miller Angus Ranch was founded. Over the course of the next few years while working some odd jobs here and there John continued to build up his herd. Then on May 29, 1963, John married Lorraine (Bosch) Miller and continued to live on the family farm. Their registered herd and family both grew over the years when they then decided to move to the ranch's current location in 1972. With this new addition they began by building a hog barn and raising hogs for a couple years while at the same time increasing their herd numbers. 

On February 14, 1974, John held his first production sale and has continued to do so over the years. During this time Miller Angus Ranch has used many great sires including Shoshone Big Boy T7079 purchased in 1979 from Thiesen Angus in Montana.  In John's words "He was a darn good bull." Elegance of Charter House 9 was purchased at the Denver Stock Show and played an important role in the Miller Angus herd. In 1993, Champion Hill Rolling Stone was purchased. That same year he went on to be the All American Junior Bull Calf and Reserve Champion in Louisville, KY. The herd had grown to 265 mature cows at that time.

Along with raising cattle John and Lorraine were blessed with three children who were an active part of Miller Angus Ranch. They were involved in 4-H and FFA and showed cattle in many area fairs. Char is the oldest and is married to Rick Zander. They have three children, Britni, Kayla, and Ricky. Dan is the oldest son and is married to Rita (Schutt). They also have three children, Dustin, Eric, and Nicole. Dale is married to Val (Kautzman) and they have two children Leslie and Gavin.

Due to health issues with John, Miller Angus Ranch decided to downsize in 2008 and did so until 2010. John and Lorraine then decided to move to town. Dale and his family moved to the ranch shortly after. Dale continues to work full time in town and has kept building his herd and holding production sales every year. John still spends much of his time at the farm tinkering around here and there. As they say, "You can take the boy out of the country, but you can't the country out of the boy."

John & Lorraine

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